Six Reasons Why Clear Currents is Positioned Right for Our World

  1. Worldwide Environmental Technology Market is Taking Off
    • Environmental technology/ service industry one of largest potential growth sectors of global economy
    • WW environmental technology market currently $515 billion
  2. Rising Costs for Industry and Government
    Industries and governmental entities are faced with meeting environment performance requirements concerning toxic waste:
    • Increased costs (up to 10%) to comply with environmental regulations concerning toxic wastes
    • Increased pressure to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and solvents
    • Severe penalties for non-compliance
    • Few solutions available in the market
  3. Massive EPA Fines Due to Years of Use of Toxic Solvents
    • Large industrial companies are burdened with massive EPA fines for toxic runoff with no adequate solutions on the market
    • Government agencies incur heavy costs to adhere to tight restrictions with no cost-effective solutions currently available
  4. Changing and More Stringent EU Regulations
    • American firms conforming to E.U. chemical regulations. Though the U.S. was once a global leader in environmental regulation, that is, to put it mildly, no longer true. Now, the real challenge for many U.S. companies is complying with the stringent standards that govern the European Union market -- if they want to reach its 460 million consumers. Using a "better safe than sorry" model, the E.U. has instituted hundreds of bans on industrial compounds linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and other ill health effects. The newest piece of such legislation, set for evaluation by European Parliament this fall, would require companies to provide scientific data on some 30,000 chemical compounds, in many cases evaluating their effects on environmental and human health
    • The testing could cost industries up to $6.8 billion and might involve bans on thousands of chemicals if they can't be proven safe. (Los Angeles Times, Marla Cone, 16 May 2005)
  5. Our Environment is in Crises Due to Pollution
    • China to Invest Billions for Environmental Protection
    • Beijing, March 12: At a conference of environmental officials in Beijing, Xie Zhenhua, head of China’s State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), outlined the Chinese government’s plans to protect the country's environment, increasingly threatened by the burgeoning economy. SEPA will focus on cleaning up China's most polluted areas and most polluting industries, he said. The Chinese government has introduced new environmental laws; shut down thousands of polluting factories; and decreed that by 2005 the country will reduce its total pollution discharge by 10% from 2000 levels
    • Over $US 84 billion (roughly 1.2% of China’s GDP) has been earmarked for environmental protection under China’s 10th five-year plan (2001-2005). (Publication Date: 3/15/2004 Source: DFAIT: Trade Commissioner Service)
  6. Our Environment in Crises Due to Toxic Solvents in Our Water Supply
    • Industrial solvents and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have infiltrated groundwater that quenches the thirst of some 35 to 50 million Americans, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, which will soon release its first national report card on the presence of these chemicals. The USGS studied groundwater from wells, evaluating data collected from 1985 to 1995 and focusing on areas not thought to be contaminated by spills or industrial activities. The agency found that the chemicals generally occur in trace amounts that pose little threat to public health, but their presence is a warning that better safeguards are needed to prevent further contamination, experts say. VOCs, some of which are known human carcinogens, are used in many industries and are present in gasoline and household products like cleaning solvents. (New York Times, Robert A. Saar, 11.23.99)
    • The environment is in crises for workers. There is great danger for workers handling toxic solvents in cleaning products
    • More than 600 railroad workers, from Maryland to Kentucky to Montana, have been diagnosed with brain damage over the last 15 years from handling toxic degreasing solvents, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal after a 10-month investigation. Thousands more may be ill, but not know why. Railroad companies, particularly CSX Transportation, have paid tens of millions of dollars to settle workers' solvent lawsuits, while denying any link between exposure and brain damage. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are exposed regularly to the same solvents and related chemicals at work and at home. (Louisville Courier-Journal, James Bruggers and Sara Shipley, 13 May-16 May 2001)

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