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All around the world, at local, state, national and multi-national levels, human beings are grappling with drought, ever-dwindling food production, unclean water supplies, and contaminated and overworked soil. At the forefront of the global ‘green agricultural revolution’, Clear Currents' range of seaStar and ecoStar products deliver innovative natural solutions that create healthier crops, improve food quality, and repair soil damaged by toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Clear Currents is a green agriculture company dedicated to promoting a healthier, more abundant food supply through innovative natural solutions. Our mission is to be a leader in providing innovative green solutions that replace toxic chemicals and other environmentally harmful products used by agriculture. We seek to accomplish this by becoming a ‘Solutions Partner’ with agricultural customers – by providing them viable alternatives.

Our Mission

To develop environmentally friendly, best-practices products to increase crops yields, and repair soil without damaging the environment or polluting the water.


Here are some testimonials from users of Clear Currents products:

"My tomatoes are bigger, redder and better tasting since I’ve been using seaStar products. I either sprayed it on my almonds or added it to the soil for my tomatoes. I gave it to the tomatoes in the transplant water or included it into soil when I added herbicides. This stuff reduces nematodes and it’s full of oxygen. It can get rid of mites too. I think it adds more tastes to the tomatoes because it replaces many of the minerals that are lacking in the soil."

"The second year I applied the seaStar treatment to the orchard and saw dramatic improvements. The foliage was green and vigorous and the fruit started to size up right after pollination. At harvest we had increased the fruit size average by 1 1/2 sizes. The fruit had no sunburn because of the increased foliage. The shelf life improved dramatically, I had 1% repack losses, compared to the industry’s 12% average. In the third year I have stayed with the program and everything looks better than ever..."

"I have used seaStar Leaf in our greenhouse where we grow ornamentals and house plants. We do a foliar spray every 7 days and our plants look better than ever. I can see an improved root system as well as outstanding foliar color. I use 4 ounces per gallon and I feel that seaStar Leaf helps the plants grow faster. To us this means a faster inventory turnover which, of course, means improved profitability."

"We have been using seaStar products in our vineyard for over 15 years now and continue to believe that it makes a significant difference in the quality and quantity of our grapes. We are fortunate to have an exceptionally good clone in our Chardonnay and a good clone in our Pinot Noir both of whom respond to the seaStar treatment year after year giving us the finest quality grapes, according to our winery. In addition to the quality we always have better than average tonnage.”

"Your product will eventually eliminate the total use of verticut and aeration procedures. Why? Healthy root growth, improved pH of the soil, reduced thatch layer and elimination of hydrocarbon lines, disease in the soil and turf. Your product has never failed to do any of these things. Never! With the usage of your product, watering will be reduced 25% and the need for further petro-chemicals will be eliminated."

"I was in deep trouble with my greens, putting green was infested with oak root fungus, extremely tight soil, shallow roots, hot spots and water grass. No.1 Green would not accept any water, entire green was two-thirds burned up …. After application of seaStar Turf, low and behold No.1 Green was aerated to a degree it accepted water and the grass popped back profusely. Our putting green came back entirely. No longer are we affected by oak root fungus, etc. From that time on we have been a loyal customer of seaStar Turf and all our greens will hold. No more ball bouncing into the next county and all of our greens are puttable."

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Did You Know?

Less than 3% of the Earth's water is fresh water? And less than 1% of it is usable to humans.


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